Monday, 28 June 2010

4 months old - May 2010

Guinness and Paddy have been with us for a couple of months and their different personalities are beginning to show. Paddy is very confident, can be defiant and thinks that everyone who visits the guest house has come just to see him. Consequently I have had to buy baby gates for passageways and staircases, as not everyone likes to be pestered by an over-enthusiastic puppy. In contrast Guinness will stand back and assess a situation before committing himself. He is definitely the clever one and if he can misbehave, but let Paddy take the rap, he will.
At breakfast time I try to eat my food in between feeding guests and saying goodbye to those checking out. One morning I had to see to a guest halfway through eating my cereal. I was astonished when I returned, to find Paddy standing on the dining table demolishing the contents of my breakfast bowl! He had climbed onto the chair and from there onto the table. Guinness meanwhile was innocently lying on his bed. . . then I noticed an empty packet of treats lying next to him on the floor. He had evidently climbed onto the table as well, stolen the treats and retreated to his bed.
A couple of days later I had inadvertently left the kitchen door open (don't tell the Environmental Health Officer!) and discovered Paddy in the kitchen with his nose in the overturned waste bin, and rubbish all over the floor. Naturally Guinness was not in the kitchen, however a tell-tale piece of paper was hanging from his mouth - caught again.
Of course they are both still regularly getting into the veggie patch. I'm not sure the asparagus will survive being dug up again. The day after the kitchen incident I was fed up with constantly removing Paddy from there so I gave him a time out inside, away from Guinness. He showed his defiance by pulling my pot of newly sprouting corainder from the shelf and spreading it all over the floor. What can I do to change the behaviour of a creature who enjoys being naughty?

Helpful pups

I may give the impression that the puppies are nothing but trouble! However they can be very helpful. Whilst digging an area ready to grass it Paddy thought he could help remove the weeds.

Then they both decided I was not doing a good enough job, so they took over. In fact they dug until they uncovered a bone, which, incredibily must predate my ownership of the property (Coco did not have bones to eat or bury).

After their hard work it was playtime - Guinness thought trampolining seemed a good idea. Paddy was a little unsure......

He preferred to relax in the sunshine

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sleepy- heads

At first human contact was the most important factor when sleeping......


More often than not they curl up together . These days they tend to spread themselves out, on the sofa if they can, which does not leave a lot of space for me! They will soon need another bed as the first one did not last very long, as you have already seen.

Their favourite position is upside-down